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Tulum Cenotes
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The cenotes are water holes in the jungle produced by a process of dissolution and collapse of limestone terrain located above an underground network of caves and rivers.

  • Cenote Cristal (Naharon)Cenote Cristal (Naharon)
    Carr. Tulum- Chetumal Km. 3, Tulum
    This is actually 2 cenotes, one on the left side of the highway (Cristal) and one on the right side (Escondido) that join through an underwater tunel.

  • Cenote Carwash (Aktun Ha)Cenote Carwash (Aktun Ha)
    Carr. Tulum-Coba Km. 7.5, Tulum
    Car Wash (Aktun Ha) is famous for its delicate rock formations, Before the discovery of Sac Aktun and Nohoch, it was considered the area's most beautiful cave.

  • Cenote CalaveraCenote Calavera
    Carr. Tulum-Coba Km. 2, Tulum
    Cenote Calavera (also known as Temple of Doom) is located about 5 minutes drive west of Tulum and is surrounded by Jungle. Calavera is the Spanish word for skull.

  • Casa CenoteCasa Cenote
    Carr. Tulum-Puerto Juarez Fracc. Tankah Caribe Lt. 32 Mza. 3, Tulum
    This is one of the most interesting diving spots in the region, Casa cenote is located in the middle of mangrove, very close to the ocean.

  • Cenote Escondido (Maya Blue)Cenote Escondido (Maya Blue)
    Carr. Tulum-Chetumal Km. 3, Tulum
    This is the less crowded cenote in the area, located south of Tulum. After a short walk through the jungle, you can swim with hundreds of fish.

  • Cenote Dos OjosCenote Dos Ojos
    Carr. Tulum-Puerto Juarez Km. 17, Tulum
    Located 13 km to the north of Tulum, Dos Ojos is the second greater cave system of the world consisting of massive columns formations, crystal clear water, and a huge cavern zone.

  • cenote Pet Cemeterycenote Pet Cemetery
    Carr. Tulum-Puerto Juarez Km. 13, Tulum
    This recently opened cenote, charms with its stunning formations of stalagtites and stalagmites and because of its remoteness, you can really enjoy the nature.

  • Gran Cenote (Sac Aktun)Gran Cenote (Sac Aktun)
    Carr. Tulum-Coba Km. 4, Tulum
    El Gran Cenote is located about 3.5 km from Tulum on the road to the Mayan ruins of Coba.

  • Cenote AngelitaCenote Angelita
    Carr. Tulum-Chetumal Km. 17 , Tulum
    Cenote Angelita is an advanced scuba diving cenote with a circumference of approx 100 ft and a depth of 200 ft located 17 km southwest of Tulum pueblo

Playing a vital role for the Maya in this dry country, A “cenote” was also a place of worship. The Mayans believed these wells as a means of communication with the gods of the infra-world, the chasm representing a mouth. They were used as fresh water supply, but also as a place of worship in which offerings or sacrificial victims were thrown.

The cenotes are water holes in the jungle. They are produced by a process of dissolution and collapse of limestone terrain located above an underground network of caves and rivers. These geological formations are typical in the Yucatán Péninusle , which thus form natural sometimes large sinks.

In some, there are fresh water in surface and deep seawater. Between the two is a trouble zone where waters mix, called “halocline” which causes a sudden temperature change called the “thermocline.

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