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Located 13 km to the north of Tulum, Dos Ojos is the second greater cave system of the world consisting of massive columns formations, crystal clear water, and a huge cavern zone.

Cenote Dos Ojos (pronounced o-hos) is called Two Eyes because it two large circular cenotes with it´s famous cave system underneath, amounting to over 415 m of underwater magical world in the immediate area. It is extreme... extremely beautiful, extremely energetic and amazing. Perfect for snorkel or diving, snorkelers get the unexpected reward of being able to see the deep cave walls with the help of the scuba divers below. A wide array of blue colors shimmer with the tiny ripples of sun mixed with scuba light.

The large underground river which flows through Dos Ojos is the same water which creates the large Caribbean cove known as Xel Ha. These healing waters include the natural nutrients of miles and miles of untouched jungle. For this reason, please don´t use sun tan lotion which pollutes the water, kills the fish and destroys the natural Caribbean reef. It´s not necessary at Dos Ojos because the majority this above water, and below water, park is in the shade of rock ceilings and huge trees.

The entrance to Dos Ojos is 1 km south of Xel Ha, 15 km north of Tulum on hwy 307. A well maintained 4 km dirt road leads from the entrance and is better traveled slowly, in order to see the iguanas, spider monkeys, tejons (coatis) and incredible fauna.

Upon entering the parking area, don´t be alarmed if you see hoards of divers and tourists. Cenote Dos Ojos is big enough, with enough small secluded areas, that any type of novice or non swimmer can enjoy it without feeling crowded. Divers enjoy many shallow dives in waters no deeper than 10 m, giving divers plenty of bottom time to enjoy the beautifully decorated cave system. This give snorkelers and non swimmers an underwater cave show, absolutely free.

Both "eyes" have jungle hardwood decks for easy entrance into the water. The left eye is better for divers to enter, the right eye bigger and more spread out for swimmers, onlookers and snorkeling explorers. Both eyes are wonderful for bird watching.

For non divers I recommend entering the 2nd eye (the one on the right) and taking an immediate left at the bottom of the stairs. Walk until you find a nice entrance point for snorkeling, one of two wooden decks with stairs. Then make your way all around the circumference. The more adventurous will look for secret passageways through the stalactites and stalagmites, submerging every once in awhile to look for dark caverns of air. Be careful not to hit your head and always put your hand up above your head BEFORE you surface. This will keep you from banging your head!

One of these little kind-of secret passages leads to the Bat Cave, part of the Hidden Worlds system. It is a darker cave with little outside light. Sometimes it has a large electric light functioning, sometimes it is not turned on. Either way, once inside you´ll see bats hanging in the stalactites and flying around with joy without paying any attention to us weird humans. IMAX chose this location to shoot parts of the IMAX film, "Journey into Amazing Caves" released in 2001.

Cave divers can plan many different dives and continue miles in either direction into this extensive cave system. With about 75 km of explored length, connected to over 25 cenotes, Dos Ojos is one of the longest systems in the Yucatan.

Entrance fee for onlookers, swimmers and snorkelers: $100 pesos. Snorkel and scuba dive rental available and guides available. Check further for pricing details.

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