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Mayan Ruins Near Tulum
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The Tulum ruins are the only Mayan ruins located on the Caribbean coast but not the only ones near Tulum, Coba, Chichen Izta and Muyil are other sites you should not miss.

  • Xelha ruinsXelha ruins
    A little known and easily accesible group of ancient Maya temples, known as Xel Ha, is located 15 minutes north of Tulum puebl

  • Coba RuinsCoba Ruins
    The archaeological site of Coba (murky water), surrounded by five lakes, is still largely hidden in the sub tropical vegetation

  • Tulum RuinsTulum Ruins
    Tulum was one of the last Maya inhabited cities in the arrival of Spanish conquistadors in 1518.

  • Muyil RuinsMuyil Ruins
    The Maya ruins of Muyil (also known of as Chunyaxche which means "wide ceiba trunk" in Mayan

  • Chichen Itza RuinsChichen Itza Ruins
    The archaeological site of Chichén ltzá (At the mouth of the well of the Itza) is also called the city of the sorcerers of the water.

The Mayan World is one of the most fascinating and unexplainable mysteries of the world for its social,cultural, and political history and for its architectural masterpieces that still today stand through the passage of time, and continue to amaze the millions of tourists that visit per year the archeological sites that represent the legacy of the Mayan Civilization.

The ancient wonders that you can visit in the Mayan Riviera show the harmonious way that the Mayans lived with their grand fronts, large walls, palaces, commercial centers, and the towns in where established merchants lived from the trade of their products along side their neighbors in the zone.

Of the products that they commercialized, you could find bird feathers, seeds, salt, honey, wood, gum, cotton,corn, handcrafts, jade, coral, huipiles (traditional Mayan dress), textiles, sea shells, ceramics, cocoa, medicinal plants, among other products that were traded through the trueque system (their system of trade).

The Mayans are the fathers of astromony and of mathematics that were developed from their astrological centers. This was how they were able to create their own calander. In order to admire and observe the details of their culture you can visit the Mayan ruins of the area like Tulum, Muyil, Coba and Chichen Itza.
These renown archeological sites were constucted in the pro-classic era between 1200 and 1450. Until the 16th century, there were inhabited towns, then its a mystery of the abrupt abandonment of all Mayan cities.

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