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Eco Parks and Activities
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Tulum eco parks are a safe way to discover the beauty of the Mayan Riviera, ideal for couples or families parks like Xel Ha or Xcaret offers All Inclusive day passes

  • Xel HaXel Ha
    Carr. Tulum-Puerto Juárez Km. 240, Tulum
    The Maya christened the area Xel-Ha. Xel for source or spring, and ha for water, so the name roughly translates where the water is born.

  • XcaretXcaret
    Carr. Tulum-Puerto Juárez Km. 282, Playa del Carmen
    Xcaret is majestic archaeological park located in Riviera Maya, Cancun in the Mexican Caribbean Sea shore.

  • Labnaha Eco ParkLabnaha Eco Park
    Carr. Tulum-Puerto juarez Km. 240, Akumal
    Labnaha’s Eco Park offers different activities surrounded by an exuberant jungle and a subterranean world.

  • Hidden WorldsHidden Worlds
    Carr. Tulum-Puerto Juárez Km. 143, Tulum
    Hidden Worlds Cenotes Park offers unique adventures to suit all ages and tastes in an awesome realm of extraordinary hidden Mayan worlds.

  • Delphinus Xel-HaDelphinus Xel-Ha
    Carr. Tulum-Puerto Juárez Km. 240, Tulum
    Delphinus Xel-Ha lies inside a natural place known as one of the Mexico´s Natural Wonders and as the biggest natural aquarium of the world: Xel-Ha,

  • XplorXplor
    Carr. Tulum-Puerto Juarez Km. 282, Playa del Carmen
    Xplor is a natural adventure park located in the Riviera Maya, very close to Tulum. Discover new sensations by flying over treetops with our 14 zip lines

    USD$95Adult (Age +12)
  • Aktun Chen Indiana Joe'sAktun Chen Indiana Joe's
    This Natural Adventure Park in Riviera Maya features a 6 acres wildlife zoo, where local flora and fauna are preserved.

Tulum Eco Parks are some of the most spectacular spots where you can take a breather from the busy city life and get a chance to appreciate the many wonders of nature. Located in a coastline hugging the Caribbean Sea, Tulum offers the best in reef and aquatic activities. But the whole place is more than just the sea and the beach. To visit Tulum is to experience a unique adventure that goes beyond time.

The most popular among Tulum Eco Parks is Xel ha. This area is a collection of lagoons, coves, caves and cenotes where the pristine water from the underground rivers of the Yucatan unites with the Caribbean Sea. Xel ha has been existent long before the Hispanic era. In fact, the name of the place actually means “source of water” in Mayan language. Centuries ago, the place was a harbor used by Mayans to move through the coastal areas. Today, Xel ha is considered as the most breathtaking ocean park in the world, a natural aquarium where tourists can have their most unforgettable underwater adventures.

Tulum Eco Parks offer various water activities that visitors can really enjoy. For instance, tourists can swim with dolphin as part of the Dolphins World program in Xel ha. Here, one can experience and interact with dolphins in their natural habitat. The dolphins are actually housed in a dolphinaria, a natural reserve that has all the elements of the marine mammal’s natural environment. To swim with dolphin in Xel ha is something that no tourist would want to miss. Dolphins World currently has 6 resident dolphins that have been carefully trained to amaze visitors. To swim with dolphin at Xel ha provides not just fun, but also a very enriching experience for visitors.

Finally, Tulum Eco Parks would not be complete without Xcaret. This ecological park in Riviera Maya used to be occupied by the ancient Mayans. Back in the day, Xcaret was a port and a trading center of great importance, the name itself is Mayan for small inlet. Archaeological traces of the ancient civilization, like the Polé site, are now housed in Xcaret Eco Park. Also, there is an active program that aims to restore, conserve, and showcase the region’s flora and fauna. Here, tourists can travel back in time and see the different features of the Mayan culture that existed in Quintana Roo. But that’s not all. Xcaret is also a place for thrill seekers who want to practice various water sports for fun.

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