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Weddings in Tulum are not only popular for people who live in other parts of Mexico but to foreign tourists as well.

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    We know that is not easy to organize events as important as weddings. And its even harder to plan a long distance destination wedding.

Weddings in Tulum are not only popular for people who live in other parts of Mexico but to foreign tourists as well. The main reason for the popularity of Tulum weddings is that couples are given a wide variety of options when it comes to the ceremony and location. If you and your spouse-to-be are just interested in renewing your vows or you simply want to achieve your dream wedding without really thinking of legalizing your marriage, then you can easily do this in Tulum. It is important to note that in Mexico only a wedding celebrated by a justice of peace can become a legally binding marriage. Thus, a wedding officiated by a religious representative may be solemn and spiritual, but such marriage is not really legally binding.

Although there are still a number of traditional weddings in Tulum, most tourists and foreigners are more interested in the unique and cosmic Mayan wedding ceremony. Couples who just want to announce to the public that they are serious about their relationship and those that have made commitments with each other are usually the ones who choose Mayan Tulum weddings. Basically, a Mayan wedding is done on the beach and is solemnized by a Mayan shaman. This ritual of love is fairly simple, but the experience is truly cosmic as the shaman evokes universal energy to solemnize the union of two souls. For a more adventurous and truly spiritual Mayan wedding, you can opt to undergo a cleansing cenote bath.

For foreigners who want to make their weddings in Tulum legal, there are documents that need to be presented by the couple and also by the witnesses. First, you need to get a Tourist Card as soon as you arrive in the country. The witnesses to Tulum weddings are also required to present such cards. Other documents that couples need when applying for a civil wedding ceremony include photocopy of couples’ birth certificates, valid passports, results of prenuptial tests, and death certificates or divorce papers if widowed or divorced.

Weddings in Tulum need not be stressful. For couples who are both foreigners, it is best to get wedding planners such as those provided in our website for a hassle-free wedding. Among the things that coordinators of Tulum weddings can help you with are scheduling your wedding, getting necessary documentation for legal wedding, planning for your reception, sourcing the flowers and all things that are needed to make the moment of exchanging vows with your loved one solemn and happy.
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