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Real estate agencies in Tulum are not hard to come by, particularly because the demand for properties in this part of the Mayan Riviera is high. It seems that many tourists have fallen in love with Tulum during their first visit and now want to invest their money in hotels, vacation homes, and other properties near the beach or in the downtown area. There are also those people who have seen the economic viability of opening resorts, spas, sports centers and other establishments aimed at serving the hundreds of tourists that visit Tulum every year.

Before looking for properties to buy, it is often advisable that you first look for trustworthy real estate agencies in Tulum. Why? The main reason for this is to help you know the laws regarding foreign ownership, taxes, and other matters relating to the acquisition of properties, particularly in the beach area. More documentation and papers may be needed if you intend to use the villa, vacation home, or empty lot you buy in Tulum for commercial purposes. At present, foreigners already have the opportunity to own properties, even those that lie within 30-miles of the coastal areas, thanks to Mexican Trust or Fideicomiso.

Since the demand for properties in Tulum is in an all time high, it is not surprising that there are many land and property developments in the area. This means that foreigners and tourists now have more options to choose from when it comes to buying properties in Tulum. However, it is often advisable to first arrange a meeting with real estate agencies in Tulum to discuss issues like property taxes and rules on foreigners operating commercial establishments, among other things. It is important to note that the laws in your land may be entirely different from that of Mexico so you need someone to guide you through the whole property acquisition process.

Another reason why tourists are interested in Tulum properties for sale is the fact that they want to retire in this beautiful Caribbean paradise. The warm weather is actually ideal for seniors.
It is important that you learn more about acquiring properties in the area, buying rights in beachfront locations, finding real estate agencies in Tulum, or living in Tulum before you decide to invest. Although people in Tulum are generally trustworthy, it is for your own protection to be aware of the laws and processes of ownership before you spend any money.

View our Tulum Properties for sale listing

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