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Tulum nigths are hot: from salsa dance to the most prestigious Dj's, the Tulum bars and clubs are fresh and modern.

Tulum bars and clubs are abounding on the beach area because it is where tourists and guests gather around. Although the bars and clubs in this Caribbean coast are bustling with activities, you should not expect it to be as wild and noisy as those found on the other areas of the Riviera Maya which is a band of coastlines found in the Caribbean side of the Yucatan region. Tourists who want to enjoy their evenings sipping tropical cocktails, eating Mexican tapas and chips, and listening to the beat of salsa and funky music surely like it here in Tulum. Aside from the variety of cold cerveza (or local beer) served in most clubs and bars, visitors can also try caipirina, margaritas or mojitos, which are the popular cocktails served in Tulum and other parts of Mexico.

Although there are not many downtown Tulum bars and clubs, people can still enjoy quiet promenade on well-lighted streets, visiting various artisan boutiques and fahion shops that sell paintings, silverware, jade pieces and other great souvenir items. During peak season, there are also a lot of restaurants and hotels that offer music shows, salsa dance nights, funky live bands, and various performances for tourists and guests. It would be a good idea to ask the concierge of the hotel you are staying in for the latest happenings in Tulum nightlife. It will also be a good idea to surf our website in order to know what events you can participate in.

The general atmosphere in Tulum bars and clubs, particularly the ones located on the beachfront, is pretty casual. It is not surprising for you to find people in slippers, shorts, bathing suits and T-shirts trotting around the coastline and dancing to the beat of salsa around bon fires or in dance events. Since many celebrities from all parts of the world frequent Tulum, it is not surprising for other tourists to find a familiar face or two on the dance floor or in a dim-lighted nook of a bar.