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Tulum is a perfect piece of paradise that sits 130km (about 80 miles) south of the hot spot of Cancun.

Since March 2008 Tulum is one of the newest municipalities in Mexico, There are 170 populated localities including the towns of Tulum, Coba, Akumal, Chemuyil, Macario Gomez and Punta Allen.

Tulum is a small Mayan town that stretches between the pristine white sand beaches and the rich and vibrant rain forest. Tulum is also known world wide for its deep history, lively culture and unique charm. When visitors first come to Tulum the amazement that they feel is a lasting impression and one that will not soon be forgotten.

Sitting just meters from the second largest off shore reef in the world and home to hundreds of cenotes and with thousands more near by, the marine life and water adventures of Tulum have been tantalizing visitors for years. From the breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea from the ruins of El Castillo to swimming peacefully in one of the pristine cenotes in the area, Tulum is sure to bring a sense of relaxation to any traveler.


Tulum's beaches are considered by many to be among the worlds most beautiful beaches. The sub tropic sun drenches sun worshipers in a warm glow while they sit in beach chairs under palapa umbrellas all along the shoreline. Guests sit back sipping on cold cocktails and nibble on plates from one of the many restaurants along Tulum beach.
The beaches of Tulum offer visitors the perfect place to sit back and feel the warm waters of the sea on their feet and the clear blue colors of the sea dancing in front of them.

The marine life that makes up the shores and cenotes of Tulum will keep you busy exploring their vast beauty. The sea turtles that come to lay their eggs on Tulum's beaches until they make their way to the water again are a rare site that is treasured by many. From swimming with dolphins, exploring the vast array of coral to watching the schools of tropical fish swim by, the waters of the Caribbean Sea off the shores of Tulum are truly amazing.


Tulum's cenotes are spectacular and provide hours of entertainment and learning opportunities. Swimming peacefully in the crystal clean water that has seeped through the rocks provides a sense of harmony with your surroundings. The snorkeling and diving opportunities open up a whole new side of Tulum.

The ruins of Tulum have been bringing tourists to the area for many years. This ancient walled city was, in its time, a thriving civilization. Originally thought to be called Zama, meaning dawn, by the ancient Maya, Tulum was a major crossroads of trade from both land and sea. Tulum, Mayan for wall, is one of the only fortified Mayan sites and is named such after the 8 meter (26 feet) thick wall that surrounds the ruins. Tulum is one of the best preserved coastal sites in all of Mexico. The ruins of Tulum have brought travelers from all over the world into her walls and shown them the splendor of her city.


Some of the many impressive buildings within the ruins are the Temple of the Descending god, El Castillo and Temple of the Frescoes. These beautiful examples of ancient Mayan architecture showcase the beautiful history that makes this site so magical. El Castillo is the tallest structure within the ruins and is one of the most photographed locations in all of the Rivera Maya.

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