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Tulum Beaches
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The beaches of Tulum are one of the most beautiful beaches of the world that attract thousands of tourists.

Tulum’s crystal, turquoise blue waters and soft white sands make this place a unique paradise.

Its coral reefs are are a wonder where you can snorkel and dive and is a paradise for lovers of water sports such as kiteboarding, kayaking, diving, snorkel and fishing. The barrier reef is the second largest in the world after the famous Great Barrier Reeef in Australia and stretches from Cancun, Mexico to Roatan, Honduras. It is 1000 kilometers of coral reef. The beaches of Tulum offer 120 kilometers of coral reef, the Great Mayan Reef.

Its crystal waters are home to 84 different types of coral, more than 450 species of colorful fish and innumerous extraordinary sea creatures that make an incredible scene to delight your eyes.

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