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Having a breathtaking looking at the Caribbean Sea, overviewing seagulls and pelicans, feeling the breeze in your face while you enjoy one of our fresh and delicious dishes. This is “El Pez” a place of beauty and relaxation.

Come join us for dinner in the rustic elegance of our main saloon and enjoy one of our outstanding seasonally specials where simplicity is our presentation card; the double ceiling palapa that shelters a subtle Mexican decoration mixed with contemporary decoration pieces; take a cocktail over our ocean view terrace or join us in our picnic beach service, a unique concept that makes of brunch a delicious and fun experience by setting your table right at the beach and offering a casual service with café style food that can go from French toast, benedict eggs or fresh oysters; a nice sort of breakfast dishes with beautiful and artistic presentation.
On Sundays we host a Sunday Picninc Brunch featuring live music, a local group that plays contemporary versions of swing classics, a la carte menu with unique decoration at the beach, offering our traditional grapefruit mimosas and specialty cocktails.
Let us be the ultimate experience of tranquility and joy for your senses!

Lead by our top class chef Fausto Tato, whose discipline and technique makes the most delicious combinations of flavors and presentations. His main focus is about the ways our guest interacts with the dish, and to live the dish presentation, he will keep you surprised at all times. Our cuisine combines the best of the local products with the freshness of the sea products. Having an exclusive partnership with Tulum’s organic farm, we assure our salads and vegetables are clean and fresh. We also had arranged the local fishermen to deliver the morning catch right to our beach, from the boat, to the kitchen, to your plate. And as we realize we are having guests from all over the world with the most refine taste, we make as much as possible to deliver the best ingredients and materials to your table, that’s why we bring the Oysters fresh from Mazatlan and some fish from the Pacific side from Oaxaca. When serving our food we like to keep our dishes simple but colorful watching for the small details that bring the food to a whole new level of art and taste.

At El Pez we have three different menus through the day: Breakfast, Lunch, Brunch and Dinner. And we change those four about three times a year, so we can offer a great variety of flavors. Whatever you file like to try, we can offer it to you. We like things simple but exquisite. Ideal place for families, couples, groups or special celebrations.

Become part of our VIP program for frequent guests at El Pez and sister’s properties La Zebra and Mezzanine. We also have a 15% discount to our local community, and a courtesy refreshment for our guests from sister hotels.

Nearby Attractions to EL PEZ: CULINARY EXPERIENCE.